Android 4.4 Transfer Of Programmes To Memory Map

How do you put an annex on the memory card?
Вроде все норм — память

Modern OS Android mobile gadgets removed their, still valid years ago, problems of a storage space for system files. New smartphone models and tablets can brag 16, 32 and even 128 Gb of built memory, most of which are used to install the system. Although most of the lasers are quite comfortable with this situation and their appetites, and the size of the applications is growing, and at one point it may be that the location in the system section of your gadget has been exhausted or that it is not sufficient to install the applications. This can be corrected by means of SD cards, reversing existing annexes or establishing new ones. To achieve the same result, we can set up the SD flash map of the mobile gadget.

Installation and translation of the annex in versions 2.2 to 4.2.2

The first telephone models operating under this operating system did not support the expansion of memory through maps, but starting with Android 2.2, this was an opportunity. At the same time, not all the annexes could be rescheduled because they are not provided by the developer.

Thus, if there is a need to do the following:

1. Enter in the menu of the device and in the " construction " section of the annex.

2. To enter the section on " SSD map " , which contains a list of applications supporting transport. In earlier models, for the same purpose, it is necessary to enter the " Management of annexes " and to select " Parties " .

3. Choose the app and slip on it. In the window opened, you will be able to see the amount of it, as well as a few buttons, among which there is a need to select a memory card. If this is active, the annex will be moved to memory map♪ In turn, it is inactive that there is no possibility.

There are a number of leaks that can set SD cards. The most popular among them is AppMgr III, which allows for the move of applications, package operations, concealment of systems applications and many others.

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