Android Memory Programme

Development Circular use of memory maps /sdcard/Annexes in android
на карту памяти в андроид

Friends, green robot fans, application developers, just users:
How do you use your memory card /sdcard/in your Android deweys?

Let us consider, for the start of this issue, using the example of most of the ordinary users of the Android OS device:

Like many, I'm setting it up. Mapping - to save the place on the phone itself, but the apps themselves, their kees, etc. - all of this remains right at the root of the memory map, and I finally get a full kasha card:
A lot of folders, etc., of which it is quite uncomfortable (both FM and PK) to find the files, files, etc. I need. It is clear that we can use colts and, for example, add my folders to the “elected” in the same FM, etc., but the question is different.
Why, in the first place, most annexes are placed on the memory map:




or, for example:


or so:

/sdcard/ ♪ Apps

Or at the worst, there's a hidden system.
(know that there's not always access, etc., but it's true)

In the end, what does a laser get?
The mid-statistical laser sets up many applications and often moves them to memory maps to save space. It's all right, but until we suddenly need to find our own records on the memory map, we're putting the PC motto on the memory card, or we're going through the M. Smartphone to come in here:
What do we see?
Here's the thing:

Epic Fail... ♪

Asked, the legal question is: Why is that?
I understand two reasons:
(1) It is a google company itself, more specifically its policy on this aspect, i.e. the actions of programme developers are not limited in any way (the condition for the publication of the programme on market'e, etc.)
(2) Programme developers who write soft often produce a mass of folders at the root /sdcard/

And for curiosity, we'll use our favorite search:
/ blogs/android_development/111868
For example, there's some indication Android applications standard
from which:
Corne catalogue for all user files other than temporary:

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