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Marketing Circumstances nobelic: how to make a cell smart, domestic, long-term
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In addition to the camera in the box, there is an appetite of power, an installation base, USB-cabel, a microSD memorial map of 16 GB, a short guide, 2 self-response and 2 inches. The complete kit is presented on video.

The white camera is made so that it doesn't look like an alien object in the interior of the apartment.

Its dimensions are small - 76 mm x 65 mm x 107 mm, weighing 140 grams. It's not a hidden camera that can squeeze into a flower pot, but it's gonna be on a narrow shelf.

With a magnetic base and a three-metre cable, the camera can easily be installed even in unexpected places. Nobelic is securely attached to any metal tube and is ready to operate in a transverse condition hanging from the ceiling. You can use a set of inches and slices or just put a camera on any flat surface.

The shell of non-marks, if you often put a camera in your hands, it doesn't look like a piece of dirty plastic. It's strange to write about a camera surveillance camera, at first sight, a utilitar device. It's not a smartphone or a laptop with which a man doesn't break up, but the cameras are gradually evolving, becoming part of the Internet infrastructure of things, and trying to pull up the exterrier to another household equipment that would have gotten a man's eyes instead of hiding in the walls.

The following elements were vertically built on the front side: the installation of the camera, the IC-lighting, the status of work. There's a microphone on the left of the diode. Dynamics is on top, under the black lid. Depending on the condition of the enclosure, the diode burns red (camera not connected), green (connected and operated), flashing green (camera connected), blinking red (detection).

There's a USB feeding entrance on the back. There is a reset/wps button on the right side.

On the lower lid of the camera, a microSD map slot of up to 128 Gb is located.

The shell is unprotected and unstretched (officially), but the camera can survive the fall from the height of human growth through a solid plate. Operating temperatures of -10° C to +45° C.

Installation, construction, work

Nobelic shall be switched on as simple as most other Ivideon-built cameras: put on the power cable cell, download Annex Ivideon on the phone (Android, iOS and, in the test stage, Windows Phone), connect the phone to Wi-Fi network (no difference, password or no) EE802 b/g/n With the app Nobelic, you can add to the QR code you will show the camera's object. Connection takes two minutes.

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