Android Transfer Of Programmes To Memory Map

How to move the apps to the memory map to android
установленных приложений

Как перенести приложения на карту памяти в AndroidIn the life of any owner of a mobile gadget, there is a time when the free space on a smartphone or a tablet ends sooner or later. Normally, he will be aware of this at a time when the next programme is set up to see a misstatement of the lack of space. It's not easy to deal with this problem. Simple enough to transfer existing programmes to the microSD memory map.

In the old versions of Android, there was no memory mapping function. Starting with version 2.2, this opportunity has emerged, but it depends on the developer who, in the installation apk-fail, is practicing the way his programme is being set. The possibility of transferring the programme between internal and external memory is also dependent on programme designers. In addition, it should be noted that in Android 4.4 KitKat, Google programmers have significantly revised the access to the external map for additional security purposes, and it is not possible to transfer applications. If at the time of renewal memory system Programmes have already been present, their functionality may be disrupted.

So if your system supports the transfer of applications, you can easily do so by following actions.

1. Open the operating system.

2. Move to the annex section.

3. Move to the SSD card. Here you will see a list of programmes that support the movement to the external map.

4. Pick up a program that doesn't have a flag on its name, and put a hat on her name.

5. You will have before you the section of the “O of the annex”, where we are particularly interested in the information on the place it occupies in the “Pamoire”.

6. Press the SD card under this block and wait for the end of the operation.

Please note that the programme is generally not entirely carried and that a small part of it remains in the inner memory of the device. But the main data volume is still moving to the outside section, freeing the space we need. At any time, you can perform a reverse operation, so you can move the map to internal memory.

Как перенести приложения на карту памяти в Android Как перенести приложения на карту памяти в Android

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