Establish Android Programme Memory Map

Lack of memory in gadgets androids
карту памяти (флешку)

Android memoryAndroid OS has earned its share of the market and the hearts of users. But despite the advantages, the system has a number of flaws. Thus, the most common problem faced by users is the error of " insufficient memory of Android " . The problem tends to emerge over time, although sometimes it occurs on the first day of use.

Causes and ways to address the problem

There is no single solution because there may be a few reasons for the problem. Let us address the root causes and ways of eliminating them.

The memory on the device is filled

We'll figure it out first when it's really not enough Android memory. Remembrance can be found by looking at the relevant category in Parameters.

zaryadkaOf course, in a given memory case, it's still sufficient, but if you have the numbers and the situation, it's time to clean up the internal vault:

  • Remove unnecessary applications/plays;
  • Clear the unnecessary contents of the Directors Download/Useloads and TEMP;
  • Remove the old SMS;
  • You can lay down the logs in the DATA folder, but you really need a Root right.
  • Relocate the annexes to the SD map.

That's the simplest solution. Special utilises should be used for enhanced treatment.

Special annexes

Now, if you set up and launch the Clean Master, you'll be asked to start removing the trash, cash and so forth, and then you can choose the Extensive Cleaning Opium. Be careful here, just remove what you really don't need. By the way, the Clean Master can also move applications.

headsetWe're even more interesting. It coordinates the work of the external memory with the inside in such a way as to merge into one memory. I really need a Root right. Before the installation, do backup systems and files. The external memory itself should be pre-formulated. Type file system - Ext3. Use standard tools or specialized types of EaseUS Partition Master Home or Partition Magic.

In the gadget, set Link2SD. A menu of instinctively understandable, even a starter can handle the program.

There's a memory, but the apps are not set.

Why does Android write that it's not memory enough, though it's enough? That's a very popular question. There may also be several reasons. Experience shows that it's mostly Google Play. Now, go through the Parameters in the menu of appendices and choose Google Play. Clean the cash with the building.

The same thing needs to be done with Google Service Framework by pre-starting the annex. If the mistake of the Insufficient Remembrance of Android has not been lost, more radical action must be taken.

Нехватка памяти Информация о памяте устройства powerbank Приложение Clean Master

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