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Why can't anndroid see a memory map
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Android memory cardRegardless of what firm you have android equipment, new or not, and how expensive and brandy is in it, it can still happen when Android doesn't see a memory map. Yeah, well, maybe something's wrong with the flash drive itself, maybe it burned down, or her resource is gone, or the other way it's about the machine itself, or actually, there's a problem with the flash drive. But you don't have to rush things and get the machine back to repair.

I'll introduce some methods to find out why Android isn't. Sees the memory map.and try to fix the situation.

Methods of addressing the problem

  1. First try rebooting the mouse (please turn it off and then turn it on again); maybe something happened to the system itself. Reloading is usually done in small NEO failures and corrects them at a new start. If there's nothing else to change, then we'll take the wrong version of the system.
  2. Next step, I suggest you pull out the card yourself, wipe out the contacts and put it back in. Because the contacts could have been clogged or just back off.
  3. I'm also suggesting putting your SD card in another machine to throw away a version of your motto. If another phone doesn't detect a flash drive, then it's her.
  4. The most frequent causes of such situations are incorrect formatting. To solve the problem, we need to redesign the flash drive through the computer, and most likely through the laptop, because there's a built-in cardder in the laptops.headset To this end, do such actions:
  • Put your reservoir in the cardridge;
  • The computer shall detect it (it may be detected and untouched);
  • Kletz the right button at the name of the reserver;
  • Choose the item “Formaterial”;
  • The file system will necessarily leave FAT32 because Android does not support formats such as NTFS;
  • certify the launch button.

Then put the map back in the cell phone and see if you can solve the problem.

Note: Even if your PC first sees the contents of the card, it doesn't mean she's okay. Still, put the contents on the computer and release it, maybe after that, she'll be able to look at the Android correctly.

If the problem has not been resolved after all, then it is likely that something has happened at the physical level and that the master ' s intervention and/or replacement of the details is required.

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