Formulation Of Microsd Memory Map For Android

Nyuns microsd‐carta as built memory in android 6.0
И для форматирования карты SD

The owners of Nexus‐Smart devices did not notice this, but along with Marshmallow Golea Androids learned Use the memory card as an internal carrier♪ The function appears to be working with some limitations and underwater stones, so it's not for everyone.

Карта как носитель в Android 6.0 Marshmallow

System Choice of map as an internal Warning: all data on it will be erased due to the mandatory formatting, which means the required information with MicroSD should be copied before it. Androids also necessarily encrypt the host to improve the security of the data stored on it. This would result in information from a smartphone or a tablet extracted and a card inserted into the cardridge not being read, so the files should be connected to the computer itself.

However, and using an outside device, it is not entirely transparent. When Android 6.0 is installed, it will be possible to choose where it will be written on the map or in built memory, there is no problem. However, if the content is to be used, the music is, pictures, part of the annex or documents, with the help of a file manager, only an external host will be available to the user (MicroSD). The internal memory will be hidden, even its volume will not be highlighted under the Warehouse and USB Founders of the main lines. In summary, by having a smartphone with a built-in storage device of 8 GB and a map of 32 GBs connected in the mode described, in general, the user will have 32 instead of 40 GB.

Of course, the choice of MicroSD is worth remembering that almost always the inner host is faster than it and more alive. Although it appeared Android 6.0 Marshmallow Even with all the underwater stones described above, a large number of users of small-scale memoranda will be very useful. In particular, the system itself remained on the inner host and key programmes could be set up in the same way.

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