How To Move The Programmes To The Android Memory Map

How to move apps and cash to memory maps androids
Как перенести приложение с

Как перенести приложения и кэш на карту памяти в AndroidMany Android users have a problem of internal memory in the phone or tablet. One of the main ways of freeing it is to transfer games and apps to the memory map, if any.

However, by deciding to move the game to the SD map, many face different challenges. In this article, we'll try to figure out what we're looking at for a couple of useful applications for data transfer to Android.

To begin with, it is worth noting that the translation of the apps into the memory map can be done without side-by-side applications built by means. But the possibility of transfer depends on each particular annex. Some developers block this possibility, apparently because the internal memory provides a better rapid response than the SD map.
To see if we can move memory map annexin the system ' s designs, open the " Annex " paragraph and see if the " SD card " button is active.

1If the button is active, the annex supports the transfer, if not, or the button is not present, the transfer shall not be maintained.

Transfer of annexes using AppMgr Pro III

  • Closure of the annex in the menu of annexes
  • Notification of completion of the annex
  • Cleaning the cash with one tapom

The main advantage of AppMgr Pro III is to automatically sort applications according to location. This sorting is made as a contribution:

  • On phone, applications to memory phones, and supporting the map.
  • On SD card - applications already converted to SD map
  • Phone only - applications not supporting transfers

Transfer of kash to memory map

If the first way doesn't work. (He doesn't work in the latest Android versions)

The above-mentioned methods are good, but as has already been said, they are not always working, and they also leave the kash inside, which often takes much more than the annex itself. Annex FolderMount, different from AppMgr Pro III, allows memorialization not of the application itself but of its cash. If you don't know what it is, you'll need the right root for this program, and how do you read it here?

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