Transfer Of Files To Memory Map Android Programme

How to move the gambling and the application data to the external map to androids
Программа не требует для своей

Как перенести кэш игр и данные приложений на внешнюю карту в AndroidIf you don't have a free space in the inner memory of the device, you'll have to move the apps and their data (cash, maps, music, images, databases) to the external SD card. If, of course, your device has an appropriate slot and is fitted. memory map Big hug. However, not all developers offer this opportunity, and the latest versions of Androids have redesigned the access to the external map and the transfer of the applications to it by regular means. To address this problem, it is necessary to turn to the FolderMount programme, which is able to construct any folders you have chosen from the internal section to the folders on your external map.

The process of using the program is simple enough and consists of several consecutive steps in which you must link two folds between you, i.e. form a couple. Note that FolderMount requires the rights of the super-user.

1. Starting program. Mostly the windows in the right upper corner press the badge as a plus.

2. There's a dialogue window with several fields. It should contain the following data:

  • " Name " is the name of the couple being created;
  • " Source " , indicate the folder from which you want to transfer;
  • " Destination " - indicate the folder on the SD card to which the contents will be moved.

3. After that, it should be confirmed that it is a choice to press the flag in the window cap, to accept the warning of the transfer of your data and to wait for the end of the operation.

4. In conclusion, press the pin at the juncture near the name of the couple you created, after which the two folders will be tied together.

As a result of these actions, any file manager will show you that both folders of the couple you created contain the same sets of files. In fact, however, all data are physically posted on the SD card, and the internal section contains only the files necessary for the correct operation of the programme.

The FolderMount programme can show the size of the sections and contains a convenient annex analyser that can show you the list of applications that should first be transferred to the SD card.

You'll have to press any element on this list to see the amount of space released. There is a button here for the automatic installation of the installation point for this annex.

Как перенести кэш игр и данные приложений на внешнюю карту в Android Как перенести кэш игр и данные приложений на внешнюю карту в Android Как перенести кэш игр и данные приложений на внешнюю карту в Android icon
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