Flash Recovery

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Создание флешки восстановления

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Why don't you step aside if you accidentally removed the necessary information from the flash drive?

Many of the users must have been in a situation where information was accidentally removed from the flash card. But you didn't make a copy of the files. Or she was misrepresented. Even after the full format of the flush map, information can be re-established. Moreover, the percentage of successful data recovery is very high.
It's very important after you noticed that the information was removed from your flash card, not recording new data on it, as in this case the chance of a successful data recovery operation is decreasing. Connecting the flash card to the computer is desirable with a cartridge.

You'll need TuneUp Utilities 2011. Roll it off the Internet and put it on a hard computer disk. Although the programme is fee-paying, it has a trial period.

Start TuneUp Utilities. When the program is launched for the first time, it begins to analyse your PC. Upon completion, notice of system optimization will be given. If you agree, the program will optimize the work of your system and correct the mistakes (may abandon this procedure). Then you will enter her main menu. Revert to " Problem management " .

In the next window, select the " Recover remote files " . Then there will be a list of all the reservoirs that are connected to the computer. Take off the flag across from all sections of the hard drive other than your flash drive. After that, go on.

Nothing should be inserted in the search criteria. In fact, at this point, the maximum amount of information to be restored, not a specific file. Remove the flask opposite the " 0-bite search for files " . This is how the data search process will proceed faster. After setting the parameters, press Delche.

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