Floor Recovery Programme

Recuva (portable) 1.53.1087
Recuva 1.53.1087 - Скачать
Access control, web traffic records, content filtering, internet screen, mail server, VPN, antivirus. Certified by FSTEC!
Roll free of charge

Recuva (Portable) - a small, free-of-charge disposal that is designed to restore files removed from the PK by accident or lost as a result of a software malfunction or error in the application. Prosperity in use does not require expertise for successful use.
The process of searching and rebuilding files is very simple, however, and the programme interface itself. After a sufficiently rapid search of all remote data on the carrier, the flags are marked and re-established. There is no filtering system as such, which is naturally insufficient. But as an alternative, there is an active Find field, which includes either the name of the requested file or expansion. In addition, it is possible to choose the type of display of the information found, a simple list, or a tree, taking into account the structure of the catalogues.

” Read the remaining / write your revocation of all the subsections of the System:

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