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One of the most convenient tools for moving information from one computer to another is flash drive or, on a computer heath, flash drive.

The film is small, but a data storage device that can always be stored and connected to any computer for the exchange of files.

It's connected to the computer with USB. There's a dial in any modern computer (or laptop) and it's not hard to find. In stationary computers, the separation is located either on the front or the rear of the system unit, and the USB circuits usually contain a side-marker:

In order to record the information on the flash drive, it's just necessary to put it in the USB slack, pre-removal the collap (if any). USB disables the use of " hot " connections, so the computer should not be switched off when switched on or seized.

The film must come into the carriage without a special effort, so if it does not, it should simply be deployed by the other side (by 180 degrees):

Once the flash drive is on the monitor's screen, it's likely that there will be a dialogue window for the launch, in which we will be asked to choose a way to open the files stored on the flash drive (the window may differ from mine):

The launch of external devices is sometimes convenient, but I would still recommend it for safety purposes.

The point is, when an external launch vehicle is on, it is likely that a computer will be infected, that if the flash drive suddenly has a harmful program or a virus, the infection will occur immediately when the flash drive is connected (the virus will be automatically triggered).

Besides, it doesn't have to be thought that the virus only hits the flash drive when copying. You know, if you just put a flash drive in an infected computer (especially relevant if this computer is in a public place) and get it out of here (nothing without copying), then even in this case, there's a high probability that the virus has already hit the flash drive. When you put that flask in your computer with the external launch vehicle, you're likely to be infected with your computer.

Remove the external launch vehicles in Windows 7 can be switched off via the Control Panel - Automated (or Control Panel - All Control Components - Automated). There's only one box in the open window:

Then we have to press the button to keep and reboot the computer.

In Windows XP, the launch goes off like we push Pusk to do. Next in the window, we'll get a hand-held. gpedit.msc

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