Programme To Restore Usb Flash Drives

Recovery of fat structures by programme
Версия программы USB Flash

The FAT system, previously used in OC Microsoft Windows, is still widely used in all possible digital data reservoirs. FAT systems malfunctions and loss of information from Flash Fellows (NAND memory), all possible memory mobile phones and cameras are common.

Starus FAT Recovery 2.5

Starus FAT Recovery for the recovery of damaged FAT file systems is one of the most successful and reliable programmes currently in place. By analysing the information carrier with a damaged FAT table, the product provides all necessary data on the size and location of each file. This allows not only the extraction of individual files from the destroyed volume, but also the effective re-establishment of the entire data file structure.

Typical Flash (Flash) of the reservoir is memory loss.

Any USB Flash-reserver has a limited number of correspondence cycles. The length of service of the wearer is significantly reduced, malfunctions and errors are reported in the course of continuous work with the Flem. In such cases, the media should be kept to a minimum.

Starus FAT Recovery has achieved the possibility of a safe recovery. By creating a virtual image of the logical section, you are guaranteed to keep the data for the subsequent safe recovery of the information. Each byte will be retained in a backup copy of the host, which will subsequently save your data from final disposal or correspondence.

Based on user survey statistics, this product ranks first line of rating: feedback 713, program 4.8 ratings of 5 possible balls.

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