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Jetflash Online Recovery

восстановление флешки transcendI had a little trouble. Truck 32 gigabytes from transcend stopped working. So the operating system doesn't see her. It's not that there's valuable information, but it's because of the large volume, the flash drive has become pathetic to throw away "no battle."

The JetFlash Recovery Tool reanimated the device. I had to find another way. A little diaper on how to re-establish the flash drive was found directly at the producer ' s online maintenance service.

Service supports for understandable reasons only the devices produced by Transcend. If your flash drive has happened to refuse to be determined in the system or any other malfunction has arisen.восстановление флешки transcend Don't rush to throw it away, and try to re-establish it with online recovery.

It was with him that I was able to restore the functionality of my flash drive.

To be more visible, I recorded a video on how transcend services re-establish the flash drive:

To use the service. Flash recovery transcend, we need to go to the site by placing the following address in the address line of our browser:

регистрацияOkay, let's go on the service page. Choose your type of device.

The programme will need to be registered for downloading.

It will be proposed to download the OnlineRecovery programme. It should be noted here that the programme will require the rights of the administrator! That's why you need to start a utilitating on behalf of the administrator.

Once the program has been launched, it's necessary to select a re-established reservoir. In my case, it's 4 gigabytes, and press "Ok"

выбор объёма

During the program, don't turn off the internet!

Once the program checks the flash drive, it will be proposed that the device be restored without data being stored or that information can be re-established.

Let's start.

That's it. We're waiting for the end of the process, and then we're getting a flash drive and checking for work.

In this article, I wrote how to re-establish a transcend float with a full-time producer's company.

So I managed to restore two flash drives to 32 and 4 hygigabaytes. I hope that way will help you. Good luck.

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