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Jetflash recovery tool 1.0.20 download free
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JetFlash Recovery Tool is free disposal to restore USB-flies A-DATA, Transcend, JetFlash. JetFlash Recovery Tool will help restore the normal operation of the device when it is " glued " , read with errors, impossible to record or recognized as a carrier with the RAW file system. Utilities will help even if they don't see the flash drives at all.

To use JetFlash Recovery Tool, put in a flash drive, launch the program, press the start button. The program will find mistakes and try to eliminate them. After completion of the operation, press the Exit button.

Main characteristics JetFlash Recovery Tool:

♪ Recovery of USB Flesh A-DATA, Transcend, JetFlash.
♪ Simple interface (two buttons).
♪ The program is completely portable.


If important information is stored on the flash drive, if possible, try to keep it elsewhere, as it will be removed in the reconstruction process.

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