Windows Can

Форматирование флешки через

formatting flashIf, in an attempt to distort USB-flake or any memory card on your screen, the following message emerged:

Normally, in order to address this problem, despite the causes of the occurrence, standard Windows can be easily addressed. So today I'll tell you how to disband the flash drive without using any other side programs.

Addressing the problem with the standard Windows.

1. We need to launch the Disk Management. To this end, press the combination of the Win+R keyboard. There will be a small dialogue window, " Implementing " , which should include the following without quarries: " diskmgmt.msc " . Press the button.
2. The disk control window will open, in which you will find your flash-cop.

formatting flash1If you click on the reservoir once in the left button of mouse, the same window will be presented below the logical section from which it can be seen that your flash drive is corrected or not.

Press the right button of mouse under this section and select the item " Formatize " .
3. In line with the system's instructions, you'll be able to form the disk. In general, this method helps in most cases.

Additional formatting.

If the first method has not been successful in producing a flash drive, the problem may be that of the Windows processes that may hinder the formatting.

formatting flash21. You need to reboot Windows safely. In order to do so, press the Pusk menu and select the Pérezzak item. During reloading, press F8. It should be noted that the F8 key must be pressed before the Windows logo shows up. If you've missed this moment, wait for Windows to load in normal mode and repeat the reboot. There will be a " Complementary Loading Options " , which selects the Safe Mode and press the Enter clause.

2. Press a combination of Win+R keys. In the open dialogue window, " Fill " , insert " cmd " and press Enter. The command line will open.
3. In the command line, use the "format f " , where f is the letter of your developer. Press Enter.

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