Windows Is Not Able To Complete The Presentation

Windows cannot be completed
Что делать, если Windows не

Hello, everyone. When the MicroSD card is formatted, "Windows can't finish formatting." The computer memory card sees me copying the files and looking through it. But when you remove the files from the flash drive, they come back. I'm connecting through a cardder at USB 2.0. I tried to do some sort of thing, but something didn't go.
Can we get her back to work?

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P. S.
Files on the flash drive are recorded, but when they're pulled, the files are removed and the only thing left until the new file is recorded.
Tried to format:
1. Through PCM circumference
2. Through CD management.
3. Through the command line.
4. HP USB Diskrage Storage FormatTool 2.2.3(RUS)
5. SDFormatter
6. The phone used to be on the phone says it's empty, and as I hit the PC, nothing's remote.

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