Computer Memory Mapping

Formation of sd-carta in an e-camera hero.
Форматирование карты памяти

How is it right to put a SD card in the HERO effluent?

Note that the formatting of SD maps will lead to the removal and loss of all data. Make sure you keep all the necessary files on your computer.

SD maps are in the building of the camera. To this end, use the " Pitage " (Power) button to move along the menu and the " Making the objective " (Shutter) button to select a certain paragraph of the menu.


The following steps should be taken to correct the format:

  • Turn on the HERO camera. The SD map should be inside.
  • Press the Whalnut (Power) button several times until you see the sign on the screen.
  • Press the " Zeroiva " (Shutter) button once.
  • Hold the Whistleton (Power) until you see the Korzin badge.
  • Press the " Set-up " (Shutter) button once to pick the Korzin badge.
  • Hold the Kitania (Power) button until the sign is on the screen: “CE/Format”.
  • Press the " Zeroiva " (Shutter) button once to choose the words " ALL/Format " .
  • Press the Pitia (Power) button until the screen has been marked.
  • Press the " Set-up " (Shutter) button once to choose " Yes " .

The camera indicator and the "Korzin" badge will begin to flash, meaning that your SD card format has started.

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