Format Of Memory Sd

Memory Classification
Карта micro sd, Карта памяти

Hi, Gixtymes! Thanks to the ad, we know that not all yogurts are equally useful. It's fair to say the same about memory cards. A few strange photographers, operators and extremists are looking for high-speed cards for some reason, even though it seems different? Under the caste, the classification of memory cards and the “recommendation of best dog guides” at the choice of the map class.

It used to be a parochial, and there was some kind of "100h" or "133h" on the maps, and it became clear, who was close to the end of the line, who was young, and more expensive than anyone.

The system applied to all consecutive standards memory and... CD reading devices. 1x = 150 Kb/s In this uncomplicated formula, symbols were calculated for both CD-ROM and for CompactFlash and for SD (for DVD, a slightly different calculation, one DVD-shaped velocity equal to about 9 CD speeds, 1352 Kb/s). I will immediately agree on xD-Picture card, Memory Stick and derivatives, Multimedia Card, SmartMedia and others that have actually left in the bow, I will not speak.

Today, CompactFlash and SecureDigital are presented in the market (mostly) and will be discussed later (in the XQD format, I know, but his niche is currently limited to one camera, Nikon D4).

- Simple enough to understand - only two types of maps - Compact Flash I and Compact Flash II (MicroDrive). But option number two isn't used either. Maps are not interchangeable, Compact Flash I is universal, and CF II can only be used in cameras supported by CF II. There's a city legend that the maps differ only by thickness, and the electrical connections and sprays are completely identical.
Below is the breakdown of the " x " speed in the megabytes.
In fact, the speed in the megabytes is rarely indicated in the promotional displays for the Compact Flash memory maps, the manufacturers prefer the old " X " specification. In the Kingston company, the top is a product with an index of 600, but it would be foolish to deny that competitors specializing in photographic-professional goods have faster products.

- the most popular format for the moment, but the most complicated. Let's start by having three physical types of this standard - SD, miniSD, microSD.

To the slight relief of readers, the miniSD has almost left the stage and there are two left. SD is the camera footage, microSD is smartphones, tablets, e-camer, video recorders. There are exceptions, but the vast majority of the mottos on the electronics market are so equipped.

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