Formulation Of The Memory Of The Camera Sony

How do you get the protection off the memory card?
Выбираем карту памяти: тип

Как снять защиту с карты памяти?Most people were faced with a situation where, in an attempt to record any information on the host, a protective window was created from the record. Naturally, you want to take off the defense. Why do you need a memory card if it's not for storage and recording? It's easy to get protection off.

The moments in which a notice of the protection of the memory map arise may be somewhat. This is the most common case. You bought a cartridge, you put a memory card in it, and then you tried to record it.

But instead of starting an action, there's a security window on the record. But the problem is not in the memory map, it's in the cartridge. Some cartridge models have switches. The device must be carefully examined. If you see this switch, you just need to move it to the other side.

If you've got it. Record maps for video cameras and placed in a camera, and there's a window for the security of the record, so it's necessary to use this method. Study the memory card carefully. She's got to have a little polka. When you find him, it's only necessary to move him in the opposite direction. The defense will be removed. It is important to bear in mind that the market does not exist on all devices. If he's not here, that's not the problem.

Frequently on all MicroSD memory maps. Planet memory maps When attempting to copy a volume of 4 GB, an error is reported. That means your map works on the FAT32 file system. This file system has its limitations in recording memory records.

To remove these restrictions, we need to change the file system to another, NTFS. To do so, we need to connect the memory card to the PK with a cartridger or other convenient method. Keep everything safe. memory map To the hard drive of the SC. Next, press the badge of a mouse button or a carcass and, in a text menu, select the Count Format. Then select the NTFS system. The format is complete.

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