The Memory Map Cannot Be Completed

What to do if the memory map is not formatted
нам что карта памяти не

Не форматируется SD-картаIn the event of errors in the work of the memory card, there is sometimes no other way to do it, except to frame it. But it is not always possible to do so through standard computer or mobile devices, so it is useful to know.

In the normal situation, standard PK or mobile tool tools (smartphone, tablet, electronic book) are sufficient to format memory maps. In this case, formatting does not present any problems, and the memory map continues to work. If the existing devices do not detect a memory map or its format cannot be completed, the situation is complicated. We have to look for alternative formatting methods.

Attention! Action described further Mapping format submitted for study purposes. You're acting on your fear and risk. The project administration is not responsible for the consequences of the actions described.

What if the memory card doesn't fit Windows OS?

If the standard format of the Windows OS memory map cannot be completed, the next method may be tested. Move to " Disk management " . In different versions of the DS Windows, the way in which this section can be accessed can be different, the universal option is to create a Win+R window and to introduce diskmgmt.msc. In the post-disk control window, a removable reservoir, corresponding to a formatable memory map, is needed.

Squeeze his left button of mouse, and you'll see the graphic performance of the reservoir. Further lick the right button of the mice and in the context menu opened, select the paragraph " Format " if the holder is correct, or the paragraph " Create the section " , if the space of the reservoir is not distributed. The instructions of the disc management master shall then be followed.

The alternative method is to format the Windows memory map. To this end, a window of " Fill " should be created by a combination of Win+R keys, a cmd command, a pressure on Enter and the following team in the open window:

format : /q /fs:fat32

Here is the letter embedded in the memory card that is required to be printed and fat32 is a file system in which the formatting will be completed. Note that memory maps of up to 32 GBs need to be formatted in the FAT32 file system, while memory maps of 64 GBs and more exFAT.

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