The Phone Doesn't See The Memory Card After Formatting

If the phone doesn't see the memory card
Способы форматирования
Если телефон не видит карту памятиModern phones of built-in memory are usually small and memory maps serve as the main source. Sometimes the phone stops seeing the memory card, and you lose access to the necessary files. What if the phone doesn't see the memory card?

If there's such a problem with your phone, don't rush to the service center or buy a new memory card. Maybe it's easy to deal with. First, we need to get the memory card out of the phone and put it back in. If the problem was just in a relationship, it should help.

But if it didn't work, you still don't have to panic. There is a chance to cure the home memory card. That's why we need to put her in a cardrider. If the cardriter saw the map, you could have saved it. Go to my computer, find your memory card there, click on it with the right button, and pick up the station.

It'll open a window of disc properties. You need to move on to Service's deposit and find a section on "Translation of Discs to make mistakes." Press the button to complete the test. In the parameters of the verification of the disc, put a box opposite the " Check and reconstruct damaged sectors " and press the launch. Then put the card in the phone and see if he sees it.

If this method has not been applied, it is possible to take extreme measures and to form a memory card. If the card cardender sees, copy the memory card in advance to your computer, because formatting will destroy all data on the map♪ Maybe. after mapping On the computer, it's gonna be the second time you're gonna need to get her on the phone.

In the event that all these methods have not been assisted, it will be necessary to contact the service centre. The Master will determine why the phone doesn't see the memory card, and will recommend ways to solve the problem. Well, the reason might be to bury the card, in which case you're probably just gonna have to buy a new card.

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