After Mapping, Memory Files Remain

File recovery
Восстановление файлов после

When doing data remediation work, it is often the case that the user accidentally removed the hard drive files, USB flash drive or memory♪ It could be just a disposal operation, a logical formatting or a retrieval of the file. What do we do then?

In order for you to be able to recover files first, the computer must be defused. Immediately as soon as you realized that you accidentally removed the necessary information or gave up the wrong section (disc). It's not like we're going to get a straight cut through the Pusk-Out of Work, but by pulling the power plugs, or by latching the switch on the BP. Why turn the computer off like that?

The thing is, by removing the file (which is about simply removing Windows, without the use of sidewalks), you physically remove the file in the file table. And the place occupied by a remote file or a directory, the system is starting to feel free. And at any time, it can re-write to a OS-free location. Including DOS performance information. At normal completion of work, a buffer is dropped on the disc, transactions are completed, etc. And by switching off the computer in a classic way, there's a risk of retrieving the file.

The same applies to the formatting process. When redesigning and redefining the logical space of the disk, the size of the section, the cluster, the location of the file table shall be rewritten. Even though the old data remain on the vinchester before the census. And there's a possibility of their successful recovery. If the sidewalls (e.g. PGP) are used for disposal, then in addition to the removal of the file, the same location where the file was located is rewritten. This action is called wipe or security erase. It is almost impossible to recover data after such washing. There are methods based on DS and FS features, but there's a "how luck" situation and a little chance of success.

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