How To Restore The Sd Card On The Phone

Recovery of remote memory photographs (sd card)
Как восстановить удаленные

восстановление удаленных фотографий с карты памятиHello.

With the development of digital technology, our lives have changed so much, even hundreds of photographs can now be placed on one small SD memory map, no more than a postal stamp. It's a good thing - now you can seal in color any minute, any event or event in life!

On the other hand, in the case of negligent treatment or programme failure (viruses), in the absence of backup copies, a lot of photographs may be lost (and memories that are much more expensive than buying them). That's what happened to me: the camera switched to a foreign language (even I don't know what) and I'm a habit, because I already remember the menu, tried to make a few operations without changing the language. ♪ ♪

As a result, it was not what I wanted and deleted most of the photographs of SD memory. In this article, I'd like to speak of one good program that will help you quickly re-establish remote memory pictures (if something like this has happened to you).

Instruction: Reinstate photographs from SD memory maps in Easy Recovery

SD карта(1) What do you want for work?

1. Easy Recovery program, one of the best.

Reference to official website: The fee-paying software, free version, has a restriction on retreadable files (not re-establishing all the files that have been found + is a limitation on the size of the file).

2. The SD card has to be connected to the computer (i.e., remove the camera and insert the special compartment; e.g. on my laptop Acer is such a disconnect on the front panel).

1 - выбор носителя с которого будем восстанавливать3. There's nothing to copy or photograph on the SD memory card you want to restore files. The sooner you notice the remote files and start the recovery procedure, the more chances of a successful operation!

(2) Step-by-step recovery

1. So, the memory card is connected to the computer, he saw it and found it. We're running a program that's easy Recovery and we're picking a type of host: "flash map."

2 - выбор карты памяти SD card

2. It is further necessary to indicate the letter of the memory that the PK assigned to her. Easy Recovery, usually automatically defines the correct letter of the disc (if not, you can specify in my computer).

3. An important step. We need to choose the operation: "Recovering remote and lost files." This function will help as much as you do. Map of memory

The SD Map System (usually FAT) should also be indicated.

File system can be found if you open my computer or that computer, then move on to the right disc (in our case, SD maps). See below.

3 - выбор файловой системы 4 - какая файловая система у карты памяти 5 - начало сканирование карты памяти 6 - найденные удаленные файлы на карте SD

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