Remove The Flush Map

Recovery of data from memory flush
Микросхема памяти

Считыватель микросхем памятиHow do we restore flash-memory files? What if the photos of the camera are missing? What if the computer doesn't see a memory card with the data? May restore the memory card On the phone?

If you've lost information from your memory card, come to DATARC's company, we're re-establishing remote or damaged flash drives and memory maps at any malfunction. We can solve any problems with any memory damage.

Adapts for reading microschematic memory

Восстановление приоритетных данных при помощи комплекса PC-3000PC3000 Data Extractor

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Maps of memory

В условиях чистой комнаты с антистатическим оборудованиемContemporary memory maps are produced on the basis of NAND-Pammites, although other technologies can be used. Mapping cards are widely used in various electronic devices, including digital cameras, cell phones, players and game consoles.

Existing types of memory maps (some now only in the museum):

  • Secure Digital Card (SD)
  • miniSD and microSD
  • CompactFlash (CF)
  • PC Card
  • SmartMedia (SM/SMC)
  • Memory Stick Pro DUO
  • Multimedia Card (MMC)
  • Microdrive
  • xD-Picture (xD)

Secure Digital Memory Card (SD)

Secury Digital (SD) is the most popular memory map format to date. For miniature devices, a miniSD size of 20x21, 5x1, 4 mm and the smallest of all maps is MicroSD of 11x15x1 mm. For the miniSD and microSD cards, there are transponders that can be used as conventional SD cards.

Since the SD series is the most popular for today, and our data remediation services from SDHC maps, SDXC are the most demanding and we are determined to solve all possible problems, both logical and hardware. In the case of hardware failures, it is somewhat more difficult to reconstruct data from miniSD and microSD cards, as they are smaller in size, but it is not a problem for our professionals.

Устройство для чтения микросхем памяти Восстановление карт памяти SD, SDHC Восстановление карт memory stick pro duo

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