Rigid Disk Not Formatted

Another copy of the harbor
Форматирование во время

For the first time, I became aware of the very old iron, about a year ago, when it was necessary to extract data from the old Siemens PG685, operating under the operating system CP/M-86 2.1 with MFM HDD and 5, 25 FDD 720kb. The data were then rescheduled and considered to be a modern computer with OmniFlop, but the desire to work with the MFM reservoirs and, if possible, to remove a subsectorial copy of HDD with symence remained. And by chance, the camper had a dectoscopic 286 with a 16-bit MFM monitor and an 8-bit CGA video.
So we're on board:

  • Processor AMD N80L286-12/S
  • AMD P80C287-10
  • MB - MBVLSI-168 B??
  • OZU grows 1m
  • HDD 5, 25 MFM Seagate ST-251, head vehicle, 42.8 (51.3) mb
  • HDD 5, 25" MFM Seagate ST-225, manual head parking, 21.4 (25.6) mb
  • Floppy 5, 25" CHINON FZ-506 rev.F, 1, 2mb
  • Floppy 5, 25" Mitsubishi MF501C-318MG
  • ISA 16bit MFM/Floppy controller CMC-5300 (??)
  • ISA 8bit multicard um82c11, um82450. COM1/2, LPT, GAME (???)
  • ISA 8bit videocard CHIPS p82c435, p82a436 256kb CGA/MDA (??)

The first problem for me was finding a monitor of the right standard (or ISA VGA video card), VGA, I had a 386 card, but she's at my parents' house, which is more than 350 km. As a result, the work was retrieved by burying the basements and finding a dispensary module from the Sinumerik 810 CNC, after a small repair (removal of the high dust oil slaughter and its effects) it was brought home and ready to interface with the PK.

The videotape was multi-standard modes of operation displayed in bulkheads, but it was not possible to identify even a model of the video card, not that there was no traction description of the monitor, either, because of the monochrome green lighting, I decided that the monitor of the MDA standard.
When I was in the back of a monitor and armed with an Oscillographer with a frequency, I started to retrieve the circuits, set out the MDA-18 regime, 432 kHz strips, synchronized normal polarity synchronization, 50 Hz personnel, back polarity synchronization, the video signal on 7, but not here, the image started, but it was...

The CGA 15, 7 kH Structural Advertisement Regime, 50 Hz Human Resources, Simultaneous Polarity Simulses, video signalled from 4 conclusions.

I connected the keyboard, I went to BIOS, but it's not dense.

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