Sd Map 64 B

Mapping of axis surveillance microsdxcTM card 64 gb
Ультра Высокая Скорость

AXIS Surveillance microSDXCTM* Card 64 GB capacity is a high-produced local data storage solution optimized for video surveillance purposes. The local recording principle increases the storage of video data by allowing videos to be recorded directly on the SD card. Map of memory AXIS Surveillance microSDXCTM Card 64 GB is placed in a SDTM adapter kit and provided with a 3-year guarantee Axis.

Effective storage

The AXIS Surveillance microSDXCTM Card 64 GB meets the capacity of most small and medium-sized companies at the cost and requirements of installation and maintenance. In systems with 1-4 videos, it allows decentralized video recordings, eliminating the need for a local server, a digital video recorder or a web-based video recorder and associated risks. In systems with limited bandwidth, videos can be viewed in real time in low resolution while localizing the HDTV image on the map.

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