Format Programmes

Importance of formatting
Программы для форматирования

At the beginning of this chapter, we considered an example that clearly shows that there is no particular point in reducing the size of the PS, but it is worth making the processing programme well read. The good readability of the programme is ensured by a clear structure, commentaries, staffing numbers and gaps between the words of the data, that is, its format. However, this is not the only reason for the formatting of the PS. The second reason is compatibility. If all the software players in your company use the same format, each of them will, without a special trouble, be able to find a mistake and fix it.

Perhaps the most important reason for the formatting of PS is the specificity of multi-instrumental treatment at modern PCP stations. The special feature of this work is the frequent change of instrument and the reuse of the same tool. The operator ' s CPD machine may need reset programmes with specific instrument number or operation number. This requires a special WC writing technology, a certain excess of information.

The pilot programmer has always included in the PS some additional teams to enable the operator to " run " from certain programme personnel. These teams may include not only the S and M03 spindle rotation teams, but also the security rows, long-term compensation teams and radius corrections.

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