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Victoria is a testing, service and remediation programme with any hard IDE and Serial ATA disk. The programme is a fully prepared solution for a comprehensive, deep, and, at the same time, as rapidly as possible assessment of the actual technical status of HDD. In Victoria, the capacity of most firms ' diagnostics for HDD and other equally useful functions is collected.

Victoria works directly with the Winchester and allows interactive testing. The function of testing the interface can instantly recognize the inaccurate label or contact failure.

Key opportunities for Victoria:

♪ Automatic detection of PCI ATA/SATA class code counters and support to 60 popular models.
♪ Full technical information on hard drive.
♪ Dozens of surface testing and disc mechanics.
♪ Creating and recording the disk image.
♪ Memory and HDD interface.
- Bunchmark Function.
♪ Defectoscope of the surface.
♪ Low-level HDD formatting.
♪ Identification of hidden defects by reappointing sectors from reserve.
♪ Sectoral copying of the arbitrary area of HDD in a file with a defective area (may be useful to save information from a damaged disc).
♪ Acoustic noise management.
♪ Password protection.
♪ SMART Monitor.
♪ Possibility of changing HDD volume.
♪ Examine information on the logical section through ports.
♪ The ability to work under DOS and Windows.
♪ A built file manager.
♪ Established reference system.

Recent developments

♪ Corrections.

Windows version:98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
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