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Why can't the phone see sd a memory card or usb-flake
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What if the phone doesn't see a memory card or another storage device? Because I'm very often asked about this, I've decided to devote this separate material to form a table. The article will be useful for the owners of the cameras, televisions, Samsung phones, Lenovo and other laptops, all those devices that support the memory card and at one point can be blind, refusing to read the data on the card.

However, for starters, some details describing the problem. As a result of some manipulation, the mobile device (telephone, planchette, smartphone) stopped identifying the memory card (sd card) even through the cartridge. All the data are recorded in the internal memory of the phone, minus the memory card. This is very uncomfortable because the sd-carta capacity is not being used, while the memory of the mobile device is rapidly forgotten and productivity is therefore declining.

So the problem is detailed, we're going to diagnose the phone, smartphone, tablet. We consider the most frequent reasons why phones do not see the memory map (flake) and how to remove the defect in their own hands using the cartridge.

The phone's memory card is out of order.

Cause of problem. As a result of mechanical / thermal damage incompatible with life, the phone stopped seeing the memory card or the sd card stopped working. As an option, the phone stopped defining the flash drive.

What to do. Alas, there's nothing to do with the sd map. You'll still have a new sd card compatible with volume and specifications with your phone, smartphone or tablet. The most unpleasant moment is all the data stored. Telephone memory card Androids or iOS, missing definitively, and you're not gonna be able to connect a phone with a flash drive through USB or through a cartridge.

The memory map is incompatible with the mobile device.

Cause of problem. The phone refuses to read data on the newly acquired memory map because it is simply not designed for new technologies. Perhaps the memory card you want to join is too much or use the technology you don't know about your mobile phone, so he just refuses to see, I mean, recognize it.

What to do. Carefully examine the documentation for your mobile phone or tablet (Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, etc.) and buy a sd card that will not exceed system requirements.

We're out of contact with usb-flies, or we've lost tracks in the nest.

Cause of problem. As a result of shifts or incorrect connections, the memory card is not connected to the mobile device, and the phone is obviously not seeing usb.

What to do. It's easy to solve the problem. Get a sd card from the phone and put it back in such a way that the sd cards are correctly tied to the nest into which the flash drive is being inserted.

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