Memory Map Relocation Programme

Ds super app2sd is a sd card transfer tool
Перемещение приложений может

DS Super App2SD

  • Ivanishkin Dmitri

Category: tools
Description: A powerful tool for moving SD cards and releasing the internal memory of the device
Price: free / 96 ) (Pro)
Version: 7.5
Russian interface: no
Technical requirements: Android 2.2 and above
- simple and convenient interface
- package movement of applications (without dialogue with the user)
- moving non-replaceable
Root: mandatory
Roll: Google Play

The problem of memory deficiency was catastrophic in the old Android versions, for example, on the double. At that time, the SD card could not have left all the applications, and 32 GB could have remained 90 per cent free, with no room for new applications.DS Super App2SD With the increase in the size of the internal repository, however, there are still cases where the same Market is fighting for a lack of memory.

And then there was, and now one of the most powerful applications to move applications is DroidSail Super App2SD, and it seems that the name (DS) has just been shortened and the operation has just expanded. But in general, the point remains the same.

DS Super App2SD can move even those applications that are marked by the developer as non-replaceable, and most importantly, they continue to work normally (most of their own).

The launch programme checks the root-access and U.S. bandwidth (to be included). A list of annexes is then issued for which Mapping and a list of programmes already displaced there.

The only table on the item on the list opens a list of actions where it is possible to immediately launch the annex, move it to SD card or make a lynch on it. This function has arisen in the process of developing the programme, and if you want to use it, there should be a separate section on your card, and after it has been established, the LinkToSD function should be initiated. ToSD moves without any training, and almost always undeniably.

In addition, the non-replaceable flag may be placed on the annex, details may be opened and removed or placed on the Marquet page.

There's nothing you can find in the building except checking the updates and the display regime. There's one interesting line in the context menu. Set Location will allow you to request a place to set default programmes. Take the SD card, and the program will send them right there when new programs are installed.

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