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Memories sd and microsd toshiba exceria, exceria pro and type 2
на Samsung 512GB Micro SD

toshiba memoryAs we've seen, in the midst of the holiday season, we're testing a novel in memory cards. Dismissal is a time when most of the resters turn into photographers. The decommissioned material should be kept on the map quickly, quickly copied from the map to the computer, and it is also desirable to have a large scale map to avoid being redundant. Therefore, interest in photographic cameras and video cameras is increasing dramatically during the holiday season.

In this review, we will introduce you to Toshiba's Toshba flash cards with 32 and 64 GBs that the manufacturer has kindly provided us for testing.

We have SD card Toshiba Exceria PRO 32 GB (SD-XPRO32UHS2), SD-Carta Toshiba Exceria TYPE 2 64 GB (SD-X64T2) and Micro SD-Cart Toshiba Exceria (64 GB) SD-X64UHS1. Memory test was carried out by the CrystalDiskMark programme, which used HD Tune PRO to verify.

Toshiba Exceria (64 GB) SD-X64UHS1Intel Core i3 computer was used for testing, with 6 Gb of operational memory, SSD 256 Gb and Windows operating system 8 64-bit. Cart-rider connected to USB 3.0

The first map we tested was micro SD card Toshiba Exceria (64 GB) SD-X64UHS. The map belongs to the class of UHS-I Speed Class 3, watertight IPX7, protected against X-rays (IS7816-1). The manufacturer states that the reading speed from the map to 95 MB/s, the speed of the map to 60 MB/s.

read_160544Start the CrystalDiskMark test and look at the results for 50, 100 and 2000 Mb files:

micro SD map Toshiba Exceria (64 GB) SD-X64UHS1 test

The test results fully correspond to the number declared by the manufacturer.

Doing HD Tune PRO testing:

micro SD map Toshiba Exceria (64 GB) SD-X64UHS1 - benchmark

  • Random seek - free search of information on the whole disc surface
  • Random seek 4 KB - random search of 4 CB blocks on the whole disc surface
  • Butterfly seek information from outside roads to and from inside.
  • Random seek / size 64 KB - random search of 64 CB blocks on the whole disc surface
  • Random seek / size 8 MB - random search of 8 MB blocks on the whole disc surface
  • Sequential outer - reading speed from the outside roads
  • Sequential middle -- reading speed from central roads
  • Sequential inner is reading speed from the inner roads
  • Burst rate is the maximum possible rate of transmission between disk and interface.
Toshiba Exceria TYPE 2 64 GB (SD-X64T2) Toshiba Exceria PRO 32 GB ( SD-XPRO32UHS2)
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