Recording Programme

Books lkf format
и функцией записи видео

To date, we have already been transferred to the library about 100 books, the work on the exhibit is not up to us.

Additional information and telephone registration collected - F.I.O. and e-mail address to be processed.

LKF management is a programme to facilitate the management of books on the memory map.

Programme capacity

  • LKF-Knig inscription on SD-Card with consistency of catalogue names
  • Possibility of recording from rar archives and LGK/LKF files
  • Removal of LKF-Knig from SD cards with consistency of catalogue names
  • Windows integration

Programme installation

Download the archive with the program and burn the LKFManager file to your place. Start the LKFManager file.ex In the first launch of the program, the letter of the CD will be asked under which you have a LKF-Kniga map. After choosing, the program automatically adds itself as a processor of LGK files.

LKF-knig on memory map

After the programme has been installed, the recording and removal of the books from the memory map can begin. To record the book, it's enough to press BOOK's file on 001.LGK, or call a context menu for rar archive of the LKF-kniga containing, and choose to write the book on the memory card.

Removal of LKF Book from memory map

When compressed on LGK-Fail, the memory map will require the removal of LKF-knigi from the memory map. It is also possible to remove books using the working interface for managing books on the memory map.

Memory management interface

When the LKFManager file is launched,exe opens a window containing a list of books on the map. For the record, press Enter's key or use the program menu. To remove the memory card, press the key to delete or use the menu of the program.

Using the menu Circumstantial point, the collection of memory maps can be altered by the letter of the CD containing the LKF-Kniga map.

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