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What is clockworkmod recovery and how to do it
Форматирование карты памяти

Every beginner of Android Planet or telephone, traveling on thematic sites and forums, is faced with the reference to the mysterious ClockworkMod Recovery, which is particularly frequently mentioned in the stitching instructions, replacement of the system nucleus and other hacking items.

So what is ClockworkMod Recovery, what is it for, and how do you treat it properly? To these questions, I will try to answer this article, which contains a full instruction on ClockworkMod Recovery.

In two words, ClockworkMod Recovery or ClockworkMod or simply CWM is an alternative river (recovery) for Android devices. The ClockworkMod Recovery Instruction contains the following sections:

ClockworkMod Recovery Инструкция1.







What's recovery?

Each Android planchette or phone has a factory recovery that can be downloaded when the device is activated by a combination of keyboards. The flood recovery is usually capable of setting up system updates from the file and cleaning the system.

Introduction to alternative recovery ClockworkMod

ClockworkMod Recovery is much more powerful than a factory, a rehabilitative system that allows full backup copies of the whole system of the device, software, stacks, kernels and much other, which usually prevents a factory river. ClockworkMod, placed in a special system section of the inner memory of the tablet or telephone, the site of the reinstatement menu.

ClockworkMod Recovery can help you out in some seemingly unprofitable situations. Even if your tablet or phone can't be downloaded, in many cases with CWM, you can re-establish the system with all its structures and applications.

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