What Programme To Move The Apps To The Memory Map

How to move the app to the memory map to samsung galaxy
После запуска приложения, оно

Пункт Приложения

How to reschedule

The appendices are being mapped to free the memory of a smartphone or a tablet.

For transport:

  1. Open the device menu.
  2. Pick up the construction item.
  3. Find the item " Annexes " or " List of annexes " .
  4. Pick up the list of applications if it's on your device. If this paragraph is not available, move to the next step.
  5. Диспетчер приложенийFind the app you want to move.
  6. Choose the paragraph, if it is on your device, and press the button to replace. If this paragraph is not available, move to the next step.
  7. Press the memory card or memory card.
  8. Ready.

In order to reschedule the application to the memory of the device, take step #7 to choose " Remembrance of the device " or " memory of the devices " .

Список приложений, выбираем приложениеPlease note that the annex is not fully carried, the part remains in the memory of the device.

If the memory card is removed and put in another smartphone, the application will not work.

No memory button or change

See if you can reschedule other applications.

Reasons Other applications have been movedNo other applications

The developer of this annex did not make the possibility of transfer.

Map of memory not inserted or damaged - insert or replace the memory card

It's a system application - such applications can't be moved.

On your device, the Android is below version 4.2.2 where there is no such possibility.

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