Qumo Restoration Of Memory Map

Recovery of monolithic sd and microsd maps
Карта памяти Digital

Распиновка монолитной SD картыRecently, there has been an increasing tendency to retrieve the information of monocritical fluids, so-called monoliths. This is the process of re-establishing data from such a monolith, a memory map sent by a partner from the city of Kemerovo. A video of the wedding was recorded on the card, and when the celebrations were successfully over and the time was ripped to mount and deliver DVD gifts, the flash drive ordered a long life.

It's remarkable that the outside doesn't understand, it's a classic SD card, with textolite, NAND memory and controller, or mono crystal. Until the plastic hull opens. Most often the way out. memory the failure is due to the malfunction in the transmission tables. Later, electrical damage.

To re-establish files with such a card, the first thing to do is count the dams off the crystal. To this end, the mechanical (cleaning and sliphage) shall be removed by means of a protective lac that conceals the paths and contact areas of the monolith. Then the flash drive starts to look like:

Восстановление данных с монолитных монокристальных SD карт

Roads and monolithic SD cards

Contact areas to which the data tyre is connected, chip enable, readwrite busy, food, etc. Of course, nothing is marked, and there are no dates detailing where to access freely. It is possible to find or use the exact same correct flask (and their great many types, and to find the same SD Kingston conditional, it is possible to get inside a completely different motto made) and by arming the logical analyser to find where and why. Either buying a melt from a man's office who's already done this job for you.

Восстановление информации с монолитных монокристальных SD картNext, in checking with the communication diagram, under the microscope, the monolith is sprayed by thin wires at the mounting fee. It's a petty and untimely job.

In the end, there's something like this:

You can read dams now. After reading, about half-deal, count what's done.

Internal change must now be eliminated in the momentum generated. First thing to do is remove the XOR mask that was stored on NAND cell records. This maquila sector looks like:

and when the XOR mask is collected and used, the sector acquires an informed view:

After the elimination of XOR change, the correct geometry of the sector should be displayed, the markers and the ECC data adjustment area should be described. With the ECC algorithm, correct battered mistakes. Find out what sequence the blocks were in, their size. Since the type of controller is unknown (this is monolithic!) it is necessary to determine which collector should use in this particular case. Will this be a collection of final images on the sector marker or on the balance of the transmission tables.

Сектор монолитной флешки с XOR-преобразованиями Флешка Sandisk (Сандиск) на восстановление Не определяется флешка Sandisk (Сандиск) Не определяется Micro SD Kingmax

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