Recovery Of Flash Instructor Memory Map Information

Novosibir computer service nskpc
Оптические носители данных

- Professional repair of computers, laptops, printers, monitors, payroll and other peripheral devices.

♪ Recovery of data (information) from hard drive, flash (flash), memory Even after formatting.

♪ Construction, development and installation of X (structured cable networks), wireless local networks (WI-FI and WiMAX).

♪ Provision of contractual services to organizations ' computers, 24 hours 7 days per week.

♪ Administration of networks of organizations, remote access and remote administration.

- Remote user support (For organizations on subscription services)

Computer is your friend, and we're computer friends!

In our group, you can ask any question about computers, office equipment, software and get a professional response as soon as possible.

We can also be contacted by phones in Novosibirsk:

Our contacts are:
Address: Mr. Novosibirsk, Ul. Zyrianovsky, D.18
Tel: 214-16-35, 2-130-129

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