Recovery Of Map Flush

Recovery of flash card

Flowers (USB-copyers) are commonly used as convenient, compact and capacity-building tools for data exchange. But, as a result of the low-cost technologies, the flasks are becoming less reliable and more incapacitated. Flash carriers, especially classes of economists or no-name, are often characterized by a non-resistant shell, a thin fee, a weakness of the USB disembarkation. All this results in mechanical damage to the device and inability to access the data.

Main malfunction symptoms and recovery costs

Diagnostics is 400 rubles, if the diagnostic data are restored, free!



recovery, rub.

The flash is defined in Windows as an unknown device, as the logic disk is not visible

Flash repair: damage to the controller or electronics. Microchem needs to be removed


Data missing or missing logical section

Flash recovery: File system malfunction


The flash is defined as the device correctly, but it gives the wrong size of the logical disc.

Flash repair: Transponder damage


The flash is defined as the device correctly, but when applied to the logical disk, it is suggested that it be dispensed with

Flash recovery: File system malfunction or translator


Flash carriers and inaccessible files are often caused by voltage jumps, static electricity, incorrect extraction of the flask from the USB port.
Users themselves are desperate to remove the data they need or format.
Any questions about data recovery?
Ask a specialist.!

But don't give up. Contemporary equipment and technology in many cases re-establish information. It's important to go to skilled professionals!

Reasons for failure

Usually, the reason for the failure is:

  • Conversion
  • Transponent or file system damaged
  • Mechanical damage to USB
In order to correctly retrieve the data from the flash drive, carefully extract it from the device and seek assistance from our specialists. We'll determine if only repairs to the flush or if it's still available to retrieve the data from it.
What's the difference? The most common problem is when it stops being recognized or working on a flash card. If important data are needed with a non-functional USB flash or another memory map (from a camera or a telephone) it is possible to recover the data from the flash drive.
Special software is used for recovery. Data are extracted directly from the microchem, structured and decoded. All service information is removed and you receive retreaded baseline data on the new host.
In the event of irreversible physical damage to the information reservoir, one can speak exclusively of the notion of: repair of the flag♪ Unfortunately, data in such situations are lost. But the flash drive will serve you for a while.
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