Restoration Of Microsd Memory Map

Recovery and formatting of micro sd maps?
карты памяти

The accidental loss of data from the memory map or the termination of its operation is unpleasant but unreliable. Sd card restoration and its functionality can be done by formatting (all data will be lost). If it is necessary to return to memory by accident remote files, there are also options for saving them.

Frequently encountered malfunction when mapping microsd is not normal, Windows is making a mistake about a failed attempt to complete the process. This problem is addressed through a built-in programme (through the operating system of version 7 and above).

  1. Connect sd card to computer.
  2. Under " All programmes " , Pusc is selected by the Standard. We find the line "To fill" and click on it. We'll get diskmgmt.msc in the relevant command window.
  3. There will be a " Disk management " window. There's a flash drive we need from a list of CDs present on the computer, watching her condition. It will be defined either as correct or undistributed.
  4. We're pushing his right button of mouse, then selecting " Format " for the right disk, and " Create the section " for the undistributed. Next action will be the program itself.

In most cases, such a method helps to correct the error and restore the map ' s flush.

There are instances where Windows report that it is not possible to format because of the use of a flash drive by a programme. It is possible to correct the situation: to enter the system in a safe way, in the command line to introduce format H (where H is the name of the section to which sd-carta relates). Sometimes low-level microsd formatting may be needed to restore the flash drive. It is used in manufacturers before the reservoir is sold. Special programmes such as HDD Low Level Format Tool are required for this formatting.

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