Telephone Retrieval

Photorec: How can it restore remote photos on the phone
восстановление данных с карты

PhotoRec - программа для восстановления фотографийThe review will refer to an annex-reviser to restore photos on telephones and smartphones, PhotoRec. You'll find out how to re-establish the phone, or rather remote photos stored on the mobile device.

Annex Creator PhotoRec is the developer Christophe Grenier. The latest version of the programme, 7.0, is distributed free of charge in Russian for the inhabitants of CIS. Photo Rec is supplied for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. The downloading reference is available.

The PhotoRec’s annex consists of the Remand TestDisk complex, which is indispensable for the re-establishment of loaders and hard drive sections.Процесс восстановления файлов в Photo Rec It would be easier for you to re-establish destroyed sections within the operating system or, for example, to set up a downloading test system.

It should be noted that PhotoRec is considered one of the most functional programmes for the qualitative and complete recovery of photographs in general. It will help retrieve photos and other multimedia information on most devices (e.g. phone or tablet under iOS or Android control) as well as hard drive or flash drive, SD card. Even if the letter of the file volume in the installation, the section is not defined or if it has already been issued. Of course, the possibility of re-establishing photos on the phone is declining sharply, but experience shows that PhotoRec in the last version of 7.0 is well managed.

The developer claims that the program can reconstruct about 400 files - not just photographs. However, PhotoRec is not only recovery programme Photographs, graphic files on hard drives, maps (sd) memory, solid and flexible media. The Annex is well-efficient in reconstructing erased data, including zip- and rar-archives, videos and other multimedia data from digital cameras (Blu-ray, CDCAM, DVD/HDD, HDD, HDV, MICROMV).

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